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Small scale operation,
Blue-chip technology.

Efficiency and smart delivery is the key to staying relevant in today's market. Udala Business Instruments (UBI) is an indigenous solutions provider. We break down complex business digital solutions to simple business processes for small and medium businesses by using people-centric digital solutions. Our solutions bring instant efficiency to the business, increased productivity is immediate and value added to the bottom line is tangible. We place small businesses technologically at par with blue-chip companies. The only limitation is with your imagination.

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Truly delivering on the promise of digital business  transformation.

  • Water Production Companies
  • Fabric Merchants
  • Tyre Merchants
  • Beverages Wholesalers
  • Cosmetic Wholesalers
  • Confectionaries
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Building Materials Merchants
  • Computer Accessories
Sme Business
We Are Wild

The Udala fruit grows wild and is mostly found in the forest. It is not cultivated and it is communal. Like the wild Udala fruit, UBI is easily accessible as there are no cost barriers neither are there limitations to its value for the people.

We are Native

The Udala Tree mostly grows across sub-Saharan Africa, UBI is indigenous. It is a native company. It is conceived and created locally for the locals to provide solution for local challenges. This is Native ingenuity at its best.

We are Udala.
Our Story

The Udala is a symbol of patience. In many cultures, the fruit is not plucked but gathered as it falls off the tree. Myth has it that the tree is a convergence point for children from both worlds as they gather in play all anticipating the drop of the Udala.

In this patience is found precision and an incessant curiosity which births a communal culture of excellence. It is in this communality that solutions are born and insight is given. Welcome to our world of simplified solutions, welcome to the world of Udala.

We are Wild, We are Native, We are UDALA.

Our solutions keep our customers in front line positions of whichever sphere of business they are in.

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